If you'd like to buy one of my creations:

- You should first email me to see if the doll can be made.

- You can pay by international money order, Bidpay or cash at your own risk.

- You pay for insurance and actual shipping costs.

- By the way, I ship worldwide!

- I'd like to mention that I have a full-time job besides making dolls so you need to be a little bit patient when ordering a doll from me ;-)

- Depending on the hairstyle, rerooting can often be a long and complex process but I'm generally fast at what I do.

- About clothes, if it's for Jem or Darci I know someone who can make almost anything you request, here is her link:


- I can do just about anything when it comes to hair so feel free to email me for info and prices. My prices are really affordable considering all the hard work I put into rerooting and styling.

- The only thing I ask after working on a doll is your permission to put it on my website and your name.

Tommy Blouin tommy.b@sympatico.ca