Where to start? What I like is to have everything loose as well as nrfb. I mean, I want to be able to enjoy what I collect! So that's why I keep one of everything in box to protect value and the item and one loose for display! Jem dolls take up so much space that I don't have room for other dolls (except Darci!). My dolls pretty much take all the extra space I have as I'm sure a lot of you know what I'm talking about ;-). As you can see in my pictures, I like to restyle my dolls' hair, try new things, switch and add new stuff, well, weren't' they made for playing in the first place?! :-) For each item I have, I will show you their names, the pictures and if any variation exists (of what I have). Since Krista already has the best side for identifying Jem pieces I'm not even going to try and compete with that. All I want is to share my knowledge and passion for collecting these amazing dolls and maybe introduce you to some things you didn't know before. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email-me!! By the way my collection is not complete so do check out my wish list, maybe you can help with some of the tiny pieces I'm missing ;-)

If you're wondering who my favorites are, my favorite Hologram doll is Kimber (mostly my long haired Kimber) and Video for her sweet face paint. As for the Misfits I have a crush on Stormer and I also really like Clash's face and hairstyle!

Now for my custom Jem dolls. I developed such a passion for Jem dolls and the line is so small that I decided to make the unproduced dolls myself! I had first started out customizing on Barbie dolls but soon decided it was time to try my hand at those never produced Jem dolls. I started with a Craig Philips doll and look at the result in the picture!!! I also yearned for more than the never produced dolls that's why I created my own "Rock n' Curl Kimber", she became so popular that I decided to make more than one. You can see every Jem doll I've done by clicking on "My Jem Creations". You can order some of my dolls, some I can reproduce some I can't because of fabric supply or the hair color (availability). Every order and different ideas are quite welcome. My prices are really affordable considering all the work and time that goes into making these. I hope you enjoy my dolls as much as I did making them !!!!

Thanks, Tommy/ng.59